Our Compassion Story

I first sponsored a child with Compassion just over 10 years ago at an Ian White concert ( Ian is  a Scottish Christian singer and an Ambassador for Compassion).   Our first little girl was called Vicki and she was from Columbia, we sponsored her for around 5 years before she left the programme.    At the time I wasn’t much of a sponsor really, we sent the money and I wrote occasionally, I did send some photos and stickers but I didn’t really understand how important the letters were.    When we lost Vicki we chose another little girl but this time from Rwanda her name was Perajia, unfortunately we only sponsored her for around 18 months due to our circumstances at the time, let me explain ….

A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and then about 5 years ago he had a heart attack and  while he was waiting for me to pick him up on his  discharge  from hospital he had  a cardiac arrest!   We know he is very lucky to be alive and truly believe God had his hand on him at that time.   However, he was not able to return to work after this and things  became very difficult financially and despite being very unhappy about it we felt we had to stop our sponsorship at this time.

That was late in 2009 and although things have not been easy I can look back and know that God has kept us.   I really wanted to sponsor another child but having already had to drop our sponsorship once we felt we should wait and pray before we started again, I felt really bad about letting Perajia down and didn’t want to do it to another child.

Fast forward to last summer …… money was still tight and we had no plans for a holiday but I had a couple of weeks booked off work just to do stuff around the house.    I spotted a post on facebook from Compassion UK asking for  people to come and help at CLAN Gathering   (a Christian conference in Scotland)  for one of the weeks I had off work.    I spoke to my husband and he was up for it.    I then contacted Compassion thinking that loads of people would have offered, but no, they were delighted for us to come, and we also arranged for our daughter to come as well.

We  had a fantastic time  at CLAN working with a great team and got bitten by the Compassion ‘bug’ good and proper!!    I was still anxious about our  finances but my heart was captured by little Yasumi from Peru and I felt God telling me that the time was right to sponsor again.    Our  daughter  Shona who is a student nurse also couldn’t resist, and she sponsored a little girl herself called Lixy from Honduras.   When we got home Shona and I decided that we had so enjoyed working with Compassion that we would apply to become Advocates because we wanted to do more.

We have been to quite a few events in the past year and never fail to be thrilled when we can engage people in conversation and even more so when  they decide to sponsor a child.    We have since added two more children to our growing family of Compassion kids, Osmar and Linda, both from Bolivia and we also have a correspondence child, Christine from Uganda.

God is amazing, our circumstances haven’t actually changed but He has changed our hearts.  He has shown us that although in comparison to many in our Western culture we are certainly not rich materially we do however have everything we need and more.   Sponsoring is not just about the money, it is necessary of course because it provides the resources that the children need but much more than that, as a sponsor you have the opportunity to speak love and hope into the life of child.  A child who lives in a culture where grinding poverty destroys hope and love and dreams for the future.   We may not be rich in the eyes of  our culture but we are  millionaires in the bank of  hope and love.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. April Brost
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 22:55:13

    Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing your path with Compassion.


  2. theministersmrs
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 10:00:31

    I meant to comment yesterday but your blog post here set my mind racing about poverty. This is a very honest post, and illustrates that God always puts our “bad” times to good use. Yes, thanks for sharing this, it has made me realise what pressing matter He is prompting me to act on!


    • A different way of seeing....
      Jul 20, 2012 @ 16:36:53

      Thank you Jennifer, poverty and injustice is something that I feel very strongly about both at home and overseas. We live in such an unfair world with some people struggling to survive and sometimes not making it, while others swan around wondering what trivia they can spend their excess cash on.


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