Why am I surprised?

Do you find that sometimes you have low expectations?  It’s a bit like when we share the gospel, sometimes when people respond we are surprised by it, not because we don’t expect God to work ….. it’s just that sometimes we don’t expect Him to work through us!

I have had the great privilege of wearing my Compassion Advocates’ hat  quite a lot recently….. well it’s a t-shirt actually, but you know what I mean…. but I’ve attended a number of events and have had a few opportunities to speak at churches and groups.  I have been totally amazed at the way God has been working, we have seen lots of children sponsored  and sometimes in the most unlikely situations.   A few weeks ago I was invited to share Compassion at a very small church which consisted of about 5 or 6 families in total, as I shared about the work and the children whose profiles I had brought along I mentioned that as this church was partnering with a project in Africa the 10 child profiles I had brought along would be available to them exclusively for a month and after that would go back into the ‘pool’.   After I had finished speaking the Pastor rose to speak again,  his words blew me away!  He said….

 “As a church we will sponsor 5 of these children …. £105 a month is very little out of our budget.   My wife     and I will also sponsor another two children personally.   These children have been allocated to our church, I believe it is God’s will they have come to us and I am not sending them back…… so we are not going home until we get the other three sponsored” …… and Praise God they were!!   God is good!!

As if that’s not enough I was invited to a youth group last Sunday evening.   This youth fellowship had been group sponsoring a child for quite a while and those who began doing it a few years ago had grown up and moved on, so the leader wanted someone to explain to the newer members what the ministry of Compassion is all about.   I believe it’s good to tell young people about Compassion, even if they can’t afford to sponsor a child at the moment you plant a seed for the future.   I didn’t expect to get any sponsors but felt it would be a worthwhile visit anyway.  As it turned out it was a great evening, a lovely bunch of young people and some very godly leaders, including the church Pastor.   And guess what?  God surprised me again ….. I came away from that meeting with another 3 children sponsored.

I’m not sure what God is teaching me through this, many things I suspect.  But I’m going to try and stop assuming that I can guess the outcome …..  and I’m going to start trusting God for big things, I know He wants the children we advocate for lifted out of poverty and these words that we so often hold dear for ourselves are for them too….



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  1. Carrie R
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 12:05:45

    What a great news report, Linda – thank you for sharing these stories!

    Praise God for this pastor and youth leader, who are so open to share His heart for the poor!


  2. A different way of seeing....
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 16:07:55

    Thank you Carrie, it is so encouraging when this happens and I knew others would be encouraged by it too. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.


  3. Teresa Dawn
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 04:30:57

    I love this. Very encouraging for a new advocate here 🙂


  4. A different way of seeing....
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 18:15:25

    Thanks Teresa, I’m so glad it encouraged you, and I know God will bless you in the work you are doing for Him. I was at another church today and got one child sponsored but that is only the beginning, they are are a church that has limited resources financially themselves but they have big vision and faith that God will grow their number and their resources and they are looking to be sponsoring many more children in the months to come. I’ve also been at events where we have not had any sponsorships but I believe that when you plant a seed God will make it grow. Praying blessings on your ministry.


  5. compassioncalling
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 00:05:08

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories and experiences! I’ll never forget in 2009 when my husband and I first joined the advocates network, we had set up a benefit concert for Compassion in partnership with our music ministry. I had planned and promoted this event for months, and the week of the event everything that could go wrong went wrong–including both of us being extremely ill. I am the lead vocalist, and when I can’t even talk, we all know I also can’t sing. However, we refused to stop what God was going to do. We felt that even though Satan wanted this event, he would not have it! So, we went on with the event. With ten people in attendance and ten child packets, we shared about Compassion. As a result, we were asked to speak to the two adult Sunday school classes that following Sunday (the event was on a Friday evening). After speaking to the classes on Sunday, each of the two classes sponsored a child. Then, one of my singing students sponsored a child the next day at her lesson! We were surprised and humbled by the Lord’s response. I think the reason we can be surprised at such Holy Spirit work is that in our human minds we are more apt to put God in a box and can only see him through our blinded and blury human eyes and expectations. Thanks again for sharing, and may God continue to abundantly bless your sponsorship and advocacy!


    • A different way of seeing....
      Aug 05, 2013 @ 15:44:30

      Thank you for sharing your experiences too, it is always helpful to know that other people experience similar situations and feelings and yet somehow God works through all of that in spite of us! I also think you are right when you say we often try to put God in a box …. we need to allow ourselves to trust Him for the bigger picture. Bless you for all the work you do for Compassion in releasing children from poverty.


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